Can I smoke in the car?2023-06-21T11:06:08+01:00

No, in compliance with UK law, UK Airport Express strictly enforces a non-smoking policy in all our vehicles.

What should I do if I don’t know the postcode?2023-06-21T11:05:51+01:00

If you’re uncertain about the postcode, provide us with as many details as possible during the booking process, and we will make every effort to find the postcode and promptly email you a quotation.

Is UK Airport Express licensed and fully insured?2023-06-21T11:05:37+01:00

Yes, we are fully licensed, and all our vehicles are appropriately insured.

Will I face any additional charges if my flight is delayed?2023-06-21T11:05:21+01:00

No, we track the progress of your flight while it’s in the air, and you will not incur any extra charges due to delays.

How do I locate my driver at an airport, port, or station?2023-06-21T11:05:06+01:00

All necessary pick-up instructions will be provided in the “Journey Details” email you receive.

How can I make a booking?2023-06-21T11:04:51+01:00

To make a booking, we suggest using our user-friendly “Book Taxi” booking engine on our website. Alternatively, you can reach us through Whatsapp or by calling our telephone helpline.

What size of car do I need?2023-06-21T11:04:25+01:00

If you’re unsure about the appropriate vehicle size for your requirements, we recommend using our Vehicle & Luggage Calculator, a helpful tool available on our website. It assists in selecting the right-sized vehicle based on the number of passengers and luggage you have, accommodating additional items such as pushchairs, golf clubs, bicycles, oversized suitcases, or hand luggage.

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